Monday, March 26, 2012

A Better Day

One thing I really like about not working for someone else is that I get to get up when I'm finished sleeping. Oddly, that's somewhere between 5:30 and 6:45 a.m. I can also take a nap if I want to. Or go for a long walk, which is a healthy thing to do.

My blood pressure is consistently low since I left "that company" and "that boss." Even if I drink too much coffee and eat too-salty snacks like I did last night. 116/75 is pretty good.

Well, back to the great possession toss.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I just shouldn't think about it

It's kind of sad really, when I think about it. Here I am at 65 (very nearly) and I have to dispose of everything I have ever held near and dear...almost all the things I have accumulated and saved and loved. Oh, I understand some of this stuff is just stuff and should be discarded. But some of what I'm going to have to get rid of is things I've got emotional attachment to.

There are books I've kept for years. Books that belonged to my mother. Books I had when I was a child. Books given to me over the years. Books by authors I really enjoy and was looking forward to reading again and again.

There are pieces of artwork that I purchased because it was special to me. There are prints of paintings by especially talented artists of places I adore. There are shiny bits that I acquired from the Uptown Art Fair and Renaissance Fair that are so lovely to look at.

There are the 20 Ginny dolls I acquired because, you know, it's never too late to have a happy childhood. I missed mine the first time around and these mean so very much to me.

How do I choose what to keep and what to toss? If I knew I was going somewhere special where I could keep one or two of these precious things, it wouldn't be so difficult to donate/throw away these things. But I have no idea where I'll be this fall when I have to leave my "summer home."

Maybe I should just go to bed now and forget about all this. But, you know, it's really, really, really sad.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Something to think about

"Everyone's capable of being a jerk now and then, but a select few seem to have adopted the behavior as a lifelong career. Perhaps its an undermining coworker, a jealous friend, or a controlling boss that's the source of your frequent emotional abuse. Regardless of the situation, it's time to put a stop to it now. Here's what to do." (

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well, I applied for unemployment and social security (and I think Medicare was part of that application process--it wasn't really clear). It will be interesting to find out if I get any of Garry's money since they asked if I'd been married for more than 10 years to anyone and if he'd "deceased" since then. (I didn't know "deceased" was a verb until today.)

I'm going to leave my lovely apartment in Shoreview and move to the campground in May for the summer. I'll have to figure out something else come September/October. I guess marriage is out. It wasn't offered as an option but I would take it. I've sent a list of my future income. I still owe on my car and have some back taxes I've been whittling away. All those will be more of a challenge with my income cut in half or worse.

But at least I'm not faced with Teresa every day. Monday morning before going to work my blood pressure read 150/97. Today it's 107/73. Quite a difference, I'd say.

Teresa screwed herself as well as the people I used to work with so I hope she's happy with the result. Everyone I've e-mailed so far has been great.

By the way, start using a2zme2 at gmail dot com from now on. As of May 1, I won't have Comcast. I won't have cable TV either. Fortunately, most (but not all) of the shows I like are on CBS.

Time to go back out onto my balcony for some R&R in the sun. Then I'll start shoveling out my apt. for real.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Well, I got sacked today. I'd better not write anything here I'll regret later. At first I was told my job had been eliminated. When I mentioned that we were already understaffed, I was then told my job was being outsourced. I believe the second part more than the first.

Know anyone who needs a technical writer/editor?