Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How I spent my 4th of July, 2008

Here are two pairs of socks I'm currently working on. The blue-ish ones are (I think) Lorna's Laces in her BlackWatch colorway. The green ones are Army green from a kit Betty got for me from the Red Cross. The pattern is Fancie.

This is the walk-way in front of our Immobile Home and Taj Ma Shed. Betty gave me these Hostas several years ago and this past weekend I spread red bark mulch around them. They look very nice. I'll post another photo when the lillies bloom.

Someone gave us this reflector with a wire outline of a bear.

These clematis are from Joanne's yard. Her mother, a floral fixture for many years, isn't doing well at all. She's in her 80s and I remember 35 years ago when Millie could always be found on her knees in the dirt, planting or pulling weeds. The place was always beautiful because of her efforts.

I occasionally teach a Chi Kung class. The only really reliable student has been Pam. Here is a picture of her "Clouds and Boulders."

The big July 4th tradition is to roast a pig. They used a LOT of garlic when they dressed the pig Friday evening.

After initially trying to roast a pig in an open pit, 30 or so years ago, a member purchased and eventually donated this cooker.

The guys are clowning around, pointing at the pig, ready to start cooking Saturday morning.

Bonnie brought Bloody Marys and Tequilla Sunrises to the Saturday morning start. I brought my camera to capture the process so David can write an instruction sheet for when he's not around to help get the pig roasted sometime in the far distant future. I also brought my socks.

To show how early it is Saturday, here's a photo of the pool, kiddy pool, and hot tub (farthest from camera). Later that day, someone counted around 200 people for dinner...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

David used an electronic thermometer to measure the temperature of the meat in several locations. Is it ready yet?

It sure is!


MNLacer said...

Looks like a lovely get away! Pig roasts are fun but you never, ever know when the food will be ready! I'm glad the hostas are happy there. While I didn't get much knitting in this weekend, I did have a lot of strawberry involvement - 2 batches of jam completed and perhaps another before I freeze the remaining berries.


a2z said...

Actually, David has it figured out to within about a half-hour of when it will be done. He said 5:30 and it was cut up and in the warming dishes by then. Yay, David.