Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alpacas and Things

Photos from the fall Minnesota Alpaca Farm Tour 2008. I won't bore you with a lot of words, except: aren't they cute?

Bravo and Betty

This is a movie showing them moving around.
Listen for a moment over the wind noise and you can hear them humming.

At the Applebees in Lakeville (where the house sirloin steak was inedible for all the gristle so they didn't make me pay for it), we came out to this very brightly colored car. (I painted out the license plate so as not to embarrass the owners.)

Yup! That's duct tape!


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are cute... for camels. What tune are they humming anyway?

a2z said...


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAw!. Hey, shall we go into alpaca co-operatives together. All we need is a farm, lots of food, a short course on alpaca culture.

Well, maybe not.