Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stuff of spring

Betty and I attended the Land O' Lakes District spring contest in Steven's Point, Wisconsin. Because photos are not allowed during the contest, I don't have much to show. And because of a failure in communication with a fellow at work, I had to take work with me. I put in enough hours to make up for not being at the office Friday. Anyway, there are these.

What does "nuclear free zone" mean for a convent?

Skunk Cabbage -- Not smelly yet. Just odd looking:

On the needles -- Cauchy socks:

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MrSafety said...

A "nuclear free zone" for a convent is their way of saying "this is one of the few things we have control over" or "let's make a political statement that the Vatican will not mind"

Actually it is rather pathetic in light of the reality that they exist at all in part because nuclear weapons have prevented world war for over 60 years....