Thursday, July 05, 2018

Politics as they are

I find it difficult to control my emotions when we talk about the political news of the day. I've already had one heart attack and am paying the price for that with heart failure. I get so ANGRY whenever I hear anything about what's going on today or about what who did or didn't do when. I never have been able to "debate" with any logic. I just HATE when people find fault with Obama, earned or not. I don't know if what he did then was right or wrong. I only know that he spoke in complete sentences. He was the one who spoke to me with what seemed logical.

I also hate when people praise what the TRump is doing. Cheeto-face with raccoon eyes makes little sense when he tweets.

I know what I'm saying here also doesn't make much sense. All I know is I can feel my blood pressure rise and my emotions rise when I try to talk with some people about what I think. Go ahead: shoot down what I think. I'm not smart. I just don't understand what's going on.

You are not a liberal. I am. I disagree with you but can't hold my own against you. I don't want another heart attack (or stroke). How can I just not talk to you about any of this crap?

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