Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Drunken Sots" = 0 "Martial Artist" = 1

While at the Xcel Energy Center to see the Blue Man show, I was trying to listen to and understand the opening act. Unfortunately, there were two women sitting behind us who were talking/shouting.

This was rude/distracting so I turned around and asked if they would please be quiet. The blonde sitting closest to me leaned forward and yelled that the show hadn't started yet. I said that this was the opening act and that I had paid for it and wanted to hear it. She leaned even closer to me (I could smell the beer) and started swearing/yelling: "If you had asked nicely, I would have been fxxxxxx happy to be fxxxxxx quiet."

I don't really remember everything that was said. Her blonde hair was up against my forehead and she was screaming and pretty incoherent. I yelled something back and raised my right arm in a tai chi chuan Ward Off position and pushed her back. She began to scream "She hit me! She hit me!" Her companion began to pull her away and suggest they go see an usher. The blonde screamed that that was a good idea.

I and my companions were relieved that she was gone and my companions all said they would speak up for me to the usher if necessary. I had obviously not hit this person but gently and slowly pushed her out of my face.

When the usher did finally come down to talk to us, he looked abashed and said simply, "We need this to go away" and shook his head. I'm a gray-haired 60-year-old woman. My equally old guyfriend and I both told the usher that this would be perfectly fine with us.

By the way, the Blue Man show was very good. And yes, the two women did return to their seats. They continued to talk but not louder than the show.

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