Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This is Isabel. She lives in Mozambique. That's southern Africa on the east side. She turned 10 years old on my birthday (last spring).

Last fall my church, Eagle Brook Church, joined with World Vision to support Mozambique. Wells will be dug, cow dips (like sheep dips but much bigger) will be built, schools will be funded, teachers taught, homes built, medicines supplied, trades taught.

In February, six of our members traveled to Mozambique to tour the area we have been assigned. Unfortunately, there was a hurricane bearing down on that area of the country and our people were not allowed to go there. As an alternative, they went to an area of Mozambique where World Vision has been working to help people for the last several years.

In March our travelers brought back photos, videos, and stories of the people of Mozambique. We just don't know how good we have it here in America. As Isabel wrote in her first letter to me, "My house is made of sticks. My roof is made of grass." I'm sitting in my apartment on the third floor of a lovely brick building with a garage for my car underneath, writing on a desktop computer, looking at an LCD screen, creating my blog over a broadband connection.

Her house is made of sticks. Her roof is made of grass. "I'm willing to become a teacher."

Over the next couple of weeks, about 1500 children were sponsored by Eagle Brookers, as we like to call ourselves. The number may be even bigger by now. I haven't checked recently. Thanks for reading this entry. If you're interested in helping one small child learn and grow and acquire a way to make a living, click on World Vision to see what $35 a month can do.


Danielle said...

Wow! Thats a big difference makes you think how important it is to help others. What a little thing to you can be huge to another.

a2z said...

Thanks. I believe God as given me much and I need to share. Anyone can sponsor a child through World Vision.