Sunday, July 15, 2007

Where do I knit my Mystery Stole?

The MS3 e-mail list has often asked where knitters are working on their project. Here is where I work.

I used to have a computer from the office and when I no longer needed it, I still had the little desk. The keyboard tray is low so I can keep my knitting low and not pull it up too close to my eyes where I can't focus anyway. (Don't know why I do that. It's counter-productive.) I borrowed a large, white Rubbermaid cutting board from a friend that I put the pattern on. I have a long aluminum ruler with a cork back so it doesn't slip. I use a green highlighter to mark each row when it is done. I have size 10 pink crochet thread to use as lifelines. The Ott lamp makes the dark green cashmere visible to my aged eyes. And, often, there's a cup of coffee (not too much so I don't start shaking) that is a great tool.

I turn on the TV to something I can listen to rather than watch or I listen to music. Keeps my mind from wandering.

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