Sunday, October 15, 2006

The a news article on with photos of a major snow storm around the Great Lakes region is a perfect example of why the Minnesota Twins should have stayed at the Metrodome, with it's indoor atmosphere, protected from the elements. The Detroit-located game of the World Series, played October 13, was moved from evening to afternoon because of the snow falling on the open-air field.

The Twins are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. What makes them think it won't be cold in the spring and fall when their games begin and end? What makes them think their fans won't complain about the weather? I watched two games this summer in the Dome and thoroughly enjoyed sitting inside where it was cool (very hot outside) for one and dry (rained during game but dry when we left) for the other.

This is posted by someone who could potentially be required to pay for a second Twins stadium only about 20 years after the first one was built.

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