Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vote "against"? -- Not "for"?

I received a piece of unsolicited mail today that is so very typical of the political ads today: "SHE'S NOT ON OUR SIDE!" It took me a while to figure out who this person was that wasn't on my side and who was responsible for the mailing. Tiny 5 point type along the fold said it was paid for by one of the two major parties and the candidate (whoever that is; I haven't a clue) did not approve of nor was responsible for the ad.

So many of our ads these days are just telling me not to vote for someone and how many terrible things that person has done. There's very little mention of why I should vote for anyone. And the negative ads are pretty non-partisan. And the national party committees are paying for more of the negative ads than the candidates are.

This sort of campaign makes me want to vote against them all. Maybe I'll just vote out all the incumbents. That's not really a good idea, but right now it doesn't seem like such a bad one, either.

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