Monday, October 16, 2006

Live like you were dying...

There's a tune on the radio (Delilah's show actually) about a guy who gets bad news from his doctor. His friend asks him what he did when he found out and he listed the many things he did because he "lived like he was dying."

I went to a memorial gathering for the husband of a good friend. He was only 60 but because he'd smoked for years and chewed tobacco, he got esophageal cancer. It took a lot of months of chemo and radiation, and they thought they'd beat it. His esophagus was clear; he could eat again. But then the cancer turned up in his brain. The chemo is poison and supposed to kill the cancer. It's also hard on the body. He lost ground so thoroughly that, once he actually "gave up" it only took a few days for him to die.

So, let it be a lesson to us all, live like you were dying. Be the friend/sibling/child/parent/spouse you always thought you should be. Resentments are really meaningless to the person you resent and serve mostly to waste your time and energy. Forgive and live. Love everyone you know. Go where you've always wanted to go. Do things you've only thought of doing. Try something new and don't worry about whether you can or not. Just try it.

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