Monday, August 27, 2007

I try not to get irritable, but . . .

While driving home this evening, about 8:45 p.m., I noticed two things that really, really irritate me.
  1. Invisible people. People who are black, brown, red, anyone with a good, dark tan: please wear light colors when you're out walking or biking at night. It's just about impossible to see you in the dark. If I hit you, it ends up being my fault. But you must understand that your dark skin, paired with dark clothing, doesn't reflect my headlights very well. And even white folks wearing dark clothing are hard to see.

  2. Don't turn left to turn right. And vice versa. When large trucks like semis go around a corner, it's important for the front end to pull wide so the rear tires don't hit the curb. Those rear wheels track inside the front ones.

    People! You're driving CARS. Very few cars have the same problem large trucks have (notice I said large trucks--NOT pickups). The rear tires of cars don't track more than an inch or two inside the path of the front wheels.

    This is very, very important:
    DO NOT pull to the right to turn left.
    DO NOT pull to the left to turn right.

    Most cars that do this end up leaving their own lane, crossing the lines clearly painted on the roadway. Do you really think everyone can just jump out of your way when you do this?

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