Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I guess I've fallen off the blog

I've been working my little fingers to the bone at work. We are in the middle of a huge project to prepare for database publishing of our catalog. The last catalog was almost 1300 pages. This one will be comparable. The new software should make life easier once it's set up.

In the meantime, I still go to tai chi. That really helps me stay centered and helps me stay calm. This is my 15th anniversary. I joined Sifu Calph in early March, 1993, and haven't left yet.

When I'm not working, I knit. I just frogged a pair of socks I was knitting for the second time. I totally underestimated how much yarn I had. I'd run out the first time, so I started again, this time toe-up, on smaller needles. But I still couldn't get past the top of the gussets. Pooh. So I figured I'd let the yarn age a while in little balls.

Now I'm working on Lorna's Laces Spring Forward '08 colorway from Jimmy Beans Wool on a long size 2 (US) flexible needle. As you can see, I'm working both socks at the same time. The pattern is pretty much made up. Once I got to the body of the sock, I started the top side (32 stitches) k4, p2, *k1, p2* to the last 4 stitches, then k4.

It makes a rather nice pattern. I hope it isn't too lumpy when I'm wearing shoes. Here it is a little closer.

Well, back to them. Would you believe I started these last weekend. I'm making great progress for someone with no time.

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