Sunday, March 30, 2008

Neck Cozy

I bought this lovely blue yarn from Pattern Works. It's Koigu premium merino wool. Along with it I got a pattern for a neck cozy. Since I was working with a dark blue, I was having trouble keeping the texture of the pattern so I frogged and made it ribbed. I believe it was optimistic to say 175 yards was enough. I was getting close to the end and running low so I finished it off with a bit of a variation. Betty says it's long enough to go around her neck.

I plan to try my variation of the pattern with longer tails so when it's worn in the winter it will actually cross the chest to keep the wearer warm. And make the part that goes around the neck wider and flatter (less ribbing) since this one tends to roll a bit.

It's lovely wool. Nice and soft and pleasant to work with.

Now I'm trying valiantly to knit the second sock to go with the first Noro sock I made. This yarn is NOT soft. It likes to stick to itself so much that pulling yarn from the center of the ball tends to bring a wad of yarn with it. It goes from barely spun to lace weight and back again so it's lumpy. I'm making the second sock because I feel I "should." Then I will wash them both and see if the yarn softens any. If not, I'm afraid this absolutely gorgeous yarn in vibrant, creative, lovely colors is destined to be fodder for felting only. I'll let you know.

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MNLacer said...

It is indeed long enough! It was very welcomed under my coat this morning. (Winter storm advisories in Minnesota today, inches and inches of wet, heavy snow, with wind. Only just below freezing though.) Slightly longer/fuller tabs would be a nice improvement and maybe a bit wider opening for passing through. I like mine very much! Betty