Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another Birthday

Several years ago, David gave me this camera. It has been a great camera and still is.

However, David has decided he wants to get himself a new camera, so he gave me his:

I'm sure I'll have quite a time figuring out how to use it. That will be fun, especially after I get the book that goes with it. (This picture is a little wierd because I took it in a mirror and then flipped it.)

Betty made these lovely Celtic tatted earrings for me. They are wonderful. Thanks, Betty.

Ben and Stephanie gave me a $25 gift certificate to thinkgeek.com. I have no idea what I'm getting from Think Geek but I'll post it when I do know. They have all sorts of fun stuff including a card you can plug into the back of someone's computer that adds random keystrokes to whatever they are doing.

And Ben gave me a framed print of this picture. Go look. It's gorgeous. It's Minnesota at its best.


- A - C - said...

Hi. Relaxing blog you have, although I must say it remains a mystery how shapes and textures come out the knits so nicely.
Having lived in Mnpls for a while I know MN can be as beautiful as it is a pain in the *** sometimes. For photography though, it surely offers cool (or cold rather...) spots.

P.S. I think those who gave you a gift certificate on thinkgeek are great people.... lol

a2z said...

Thanks for the comments. How did you find my blog? Do you knit?
The thinkgeek gift was from my son and his lovely wife.