Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Knitting is usually a clean activity

This yarn colorway, from the "Raven" color group, is "Pallas Athena" from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and is a joy to work with, for the most part. In the words of Blue Moon, "What happens if you add a color or colors to black? Does it shade the colors or the black? This depends on the saturation of black in relation to the saturation level of the other colors."

Here I'm using a double strand to make a neck cozy on size 10 (US).

If you look closely at my index finger in this image, you might see a bit of a smudge at the first knuckle. The black is rubbing off. Hopefully, when the neck cozy is completed and I wash it to block it, I'll be able to get most of the excess dye out of it before giving the neck cozy away. (It's a gift but I'm not telling who I'm making it for.)

At any rate, go to Blue Moon Fiber Arts and check out the Raven group of colors.

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