Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finished Objects

I haven't blogged for the past week. Well, if you click to "embiggen" the smallish photo below, maybe you can see why. This was last Sunday.

I haven't felt quite right all week.

This is Saturday and David is off in Arizona visiting his mother. They have a good relationship and I think it's great he's able to visit her. So I have spent much of this afternoon finishing the socks you see in the above photo. I've also blogged a bit about them already.

I still have a fair amount of yarn left but the tops are 6.5 inches long and I needed the needle.

The needle is a US 2 and I'm knitting "Francie" socks. Starting to knit them, that is. I read about them on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's blog and became quite intrigued. Usually I don't knit complex socks. A simple k2, p2 is complicated enough, but these just spoke to me.

I'll take photos as soon as there's something to take photos of.

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MNLacer said...

Lovely socks! I hope you are feeling better now. Some medical procedures are truely wicked.... I'm looking forward to seeing the Francie socks in person. Betty