Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Friday Night in Wisconsin at the Quartet Competition

Here we are in West Salem, Wisconsin. This is the "lake" of water Betty and I had to ford to get to the building only to find we were too early to register and pick up our tickets for the weekend's festivities. Because I took this photo with my cell phone, it's hard to see but there was an inch of standing water everywhere, deeper in some places and the rain splashed a couple inches high. I was wet to the knees because I don't use umbrellas but just a raincoat. Usually that's quite enough but a golf umbrella would have been a better choice.

Anyway, the last couple years we've been going to these events (it's been around 12-13 years altogether), we've felt a little cramped sitting close together, rubbing shoulders with other barbershop fans and trying to knit and/or tat. So last fall, we decided to pay for an extra seat. Since we needed a name, we chose "Lacey Purl"; Lacey because Betty makes lace (I have too but find it tedious when all I really want to do is zone out), and Purl because I enjoy doing the purl stitch when I knit.

Here we're showing my "traveling socks" the stage. Nobody is allowed to take photos during the contest so this is the sum total of the photos I took (that came out anyway) inside the auditorium. I'm nearly done with these. Click here for a closer look at the yarn.

There's much more of the weekend to see but I'm not going to try to put it all up at once.

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