Friday, November 21, 2008

Three-Month Checkup

Thursday afternoon I had my three-month checkup and an X-ray of my new shoulder. The socket, being plastic, is next-to-impossible to see. But I could see enough to understand how delicate the prosthetic is and why I'm being told never to hammer, box, fall on or anything else to that arm that would have "impact." It could much-to-easily be dislodged.

The humerus has a bone build up just below the stem of it's prosthetic where the bone flexed a little too much. The bone is more flexible than the titanium stem so this is a normal event just after surgery. It's all healed but the bulge is pretty obvious.

I still don't have the strength or range of motion I want but after only 3 months I think I'm doing quite well.

Just in case you wanted to know.

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