Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas, one and all. This is a photo taken by Dave V. on the street just west of his house. It was snowing enough that day/evening to make attendance at the poshest party in my lifetime really slim. Fortunately, there were just enough people to supply 3-4 appetizers, 3-4 main dishes, and 3-4 deserts. It was a lovely night.

Because of all the co-pays getting my new shoulder, I chose to knit presents this year. I put them all into a bag and had everyone pick what they liked best from the bunch.

This is my daughter-in-law, Stephanie, wearing an Alpaca Glitter scarf. It is a simple k1p1 scarf of two different colors. Click the photo to embiggen to see the colors. It looks nice on her, don't you think?

This is Steph's brother, Paul, sort of wearing my favorite of the hats. It is Calm wool with Noro every two rows. I like the way the black sets off the color changes. Noro, for those of you who don't know, is hand-spun and hand dyed in Japan and lovely once it's been washed. Please, do NOT put this (or any of the other knits) into your washing machine. You will be very disappointed with the outcome...shrinkage and feltage.

This is Heather's mother (Steph's Grandmother) Gladys. She chose the richly colored Alpaca Boucle scarf. It is VERY soft. Hand wash, please. She looks so pretty in it.

And this is John, Gladys' hubby and Steph's Grandpa. He has the more pastel-colored Alpaca Boucle scarf. He looks down right dapper.

This is Richard, Steph's other brother. He chose the Shades-of-Green Malabrigo Wool scarf. Nice job modeling, Richard. (It's for your neck.)

Here's Heather with the Alpaca bulky hand-dyed scarf. I knit it on size 19 needles so that if she wants it could be worn as a shawl; a drafty shawl. It ended up being quite long.

Last, but not the least of the gifts I knitted that were chosen, is a slinky scarf of Malabrigo wool from Uruguay. It is a lace pattern that Ben thinks would be good on a model. Ben is a photographer who occasionally takes pictures of comely ladies.

Betty chose a reddish Malabrigo Scarf for herself. I have a couple more hats at home, one of which I'm definitely keeping for myself.

I'm really getting into this knitting thing. A friend asked how I found the time. Easy: compulsivity. I figure it takes 10-15 hours for a hat. Maybe twice that for a scarf. I'm not a fast knitter but I'm getting faster. I hope everyone enjoys their gifts.

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