Friday, January 09, 2009


All the photos used in our spec sheets, catalogs, and brochures are taken by Terry Anderson Photography. These guys have been taking photos in their studios and on locations for years. The photos below, taken with my T-Mobile Slide, show the process of photographing some items we will be selling in the next few months.

The first photo shows Rollie and Nathan attaching the enclosure to the pendant arm. Myron (I'd previously typed his name wrong. Sorry Myron.) is standing to the left waiting for them to finish. As a frame of reference, Nathan is 6' 2" (or is he 6' 4"...?) so this item is very tall.

Jeff has moved into the mix to ask what needs to be the focus (pun intended) of the shot. (Click the image to "embiggen." The image will be surprisingly good when you do that.)

In the back is a sheet of heavy white paper on a rod hanging high enough to block out the background. We're in a warehouse here. There are photo lights in the black umbrella looking things. The one on the right has a 4 x 6 sheet of vellum in a frame to further soften the light. Jeff is holding a black foam-core board behind the object to change the lighting. In this picture the subject is a small wall-hanging device for computers that has been bolted to a shipping crate.

Below is the object of the above photo. The packing crate has a white foam-core board between the crate and the item they are photographing. All our photos are outlined and the background removed so the images can be placed against any background for printing.

Back to the first object to be photographed (sorry, I put them in in the wrong order and don't feel like re-arranging them). Nathan decided he wanted a photograph of the device...from above.

The tripod Jeff's Hasselblad camera is attached to has extensions on its extensions. They ran it up above the pendant arm and Jeff climbed up on a step ladder to peer through the eyepiece.

Having clicked on these photos myself, I'm rather surprised how good they are. The lens is 1/4" in diameter and almost always smeared with gunk. It's not too easy to wipe clean but I tried. So they aren't exactly focused but you get the idea.

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