Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the needles

These went up in the reverse order of what I'd planned. Something must have changed in the settings. Oh well.

This is a pair of socks I'm making from Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn - Black Watch - 304.
It's from Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno, Nevada. I have bought more than one colorway from Jimmy Beans and their service is fast and accurate. I love this yarn. It has a great finger feel as you're knitting it and it washes well because it's 80 % superwash wool, 20% nylon.

I'd nearly finished the pair and wanted to wear them to a party the Saturday before Christmas. It's a fancy party at a very elegant home built by the owner/architect. The floors are white bamboo so I prefer to take off my snowy boots (and it WAS snowy that evening). These were warm and comfy. I put in a "lifeline" before binding off loosely so that I could un-bind off and begin knitting again. I may end up with knee socks, there's so much yarn left of the two skeins.

I finally consented to make socks for David. Here's the start. I usually knit my own socks on US 2 needles and put in 64 stitches. I'm making David's on US 1 needles and there are just over a hundred stitches in each sock. I prefer to knit two at a time so they match. The yarn is Trekking pro natura. 75% New Wool, 25% bamboo. I hope I have enough to get past his ankles.

This last is a start on another Lacey Keyhole Scarf. I bought the kit from Double Ewe Yarn Shop. They had a table at the Minnesota Knitters Guild meeting in November. I made one is reds/browns that my son wants to use on his photography models. He hasn't taken/posted any yet so I'm interested in what he will do with it.

That's all for now. Gotta get to bed.


MNLacer said...

I love that Black Watch color way!

Size 1 needles and 100+ stitches per sock.... It is to boggle! On the other hand, it is fewer stitches than two pairs of socks would be and that isn't so bad. :-)

a2z said...

I don't know. Do you think I need to get more yarn....