Friday, June 29, 2007

The First Clue

My friend and I met in a park near my home to enjoy the cool weather and work on the first clue of the Mystery Stole #3. (See Wrapping Yarn Around Holes - below.) It was great fun. Even though it wasn't going to participate, I brought my current sock project (second one in a pair, yippee [those who knit socks will understand, those who don't, skip on]) so it too could enjoy the lovely weather. Betty brought her sock as well.

Then, getting down to work, she and I finished the first 32 rows of the clue. There are 100 rows. Unfortunately, since this is a corner, we did not (repeat NOT) complete 1/3 of the clue. I'm happy that I only made one mistake and that a cooler head (Betty's) prevailed in knowing how to get around the mistake. I'll bet only experienced Clue #1 knitters will see it.

PS to April's comments: No I didn't get an e-mail about St. Paul knitters. And I didn't have time to read your blog. I would, however, consider getting together next Friday evening somewhere. Maybe my friend would like that to happen as well.

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