Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wrapping yarn around holes

Well, my bestest friend Betty has roped me into another challenge: Mystery Stole #3. A lady named Melanie has created two other mystery stole projects and you just sign up on yahoo groups to get started. Melanie created a small swatch pattern to play with and decide what yarn and needles you want to use for the actual project.

The idea is that starting next Friday, June 29, Melanie will post a Clue (I assume it's the beginning of the pattern). Over the next several weeks there will be more clues and eventually, if I stick with it successfully, I'll have a personally hand-knitted lace stole. We'll see.

I created my swatch using amazingly fine cashmere I bought on ebay from some guy in England who had listed it as "double knit." I'm pretty sure it's lace weight. I have three cones in navy blue, forest green, and deep plum. This swatch is in the green. I used US #4 needles and didn't stretch it out much to block it.


feltboots said...

Was the eBay guy Richard of ColourMartUK ? If so, Double Knit is about the equivalent of Light Worsted. Also, his yarns are oiled so need washing well after which they bloom beautifully and achieve their proper thickness. If you've not washed the swatch in hot soapy water yet, then you may be surprised ! He has a good website (, and also an active Yahoo Group called ColourMart if you need more info.

HTH :)

MNLacer said...

Hi april! Your swatch looks great! I am looking forward to seeing it in person. :-) I haven't worked with my ColourMart yarn, yet, but others have noticed a significant difference after washing.

Lynne said...

Just wanted to say that I adore the title of this post! Brilliant description of knitting lace.

April said...

I saw your post on the mystery stole group and thought I would say hi. My name is also April. I live in St. Paul. Did you get an email from the person trying to set up a get together for the stole knitters in MN? Leave a comment on my blog if you haven't and want the email address.