Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Balcony - a good place to sit and knit

I started planting on my balcony May 13, 2007. This old, old pot came from a friend and has four plants in it: dusty miller, vinca vine, snap dragon, and a lovely dark purple/green fuzzy leafy thing.

This is the whole balcony with the hanging petunia plants, some solar lanterns, a cement dragon that I got from my son and his wife. Oh, and the strawberry pot I got from QVC. Cool.

June 14, you can see some progress. Everything is bigger.

The pot full of plants is really full today, June 28.

This is the purply fuzzy plant. It has tiny 3/4" flowers in it.

And this is where I like to sit and knit and read when the weather is not too hot or rainy.

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MrSafetyToo said...

What lovely photos! Where ever did you get that wonderful camera?