Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Chinatown Tai Chi Center

This is my tai chi instructor, Sifu Phyllis Calph, of Chinatown Tai Chi Center. I've been studying under her tutelage for over 15 years and see no reason to stop. She's a great teacher who holds herself to the principles of tai chi and is always encouraging to her students. (Click to embiggen the photos.)

This is our school. When the economy is down, so is membership in the school. I guess for some people, a martial art is a luxury. Not for me. This is a necessity. I've used Sifu Calph's school to treat my occasional bouts of depression. It has kept my joints lubricated so that my artificial shoulders can regain nearly total range of motion. I have friends here that I will have for many years to come.

Now all we need to do is get more students. This is a wonderful martial art. As with any other learning experience, we all get exactly what we put into it. It's not easy but it's definitely fun.

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a2z said...

I forgot to mention, Ben Zvan ( took these pictures.