Saturday, October 11, 2008

This and that...

Sorry this photos is a little fuzzy. My cell phone doesn't take the best pictures and I left my real camera at home this week. This is a maple tree outside one of the buildings at Hoffman. I used to work on the second floor and in the fall you could watch the leaves turn from the conference room window.

When my microwave quit and exuded a decidedly acrid burnt-electronics smell, I thought I'd not be able to lift it much less put a new one in its place. I was wrong. I waited a couple more weeks and have now enough muscle power to do some lifting. This is my new GE 1.1 cubic foot nuker. I tested it. It works. Well, it makes water hot, anyway.

I decided to go to church this afternoon rather than tomorrow. Pastor Bob (Eagle Brook Church) has begun a new series on bible study and how important it is. It's called Awaken, but I guess you could tell that from the picture.

After church I went to Carbone's Ristorante in Circle Pines. I've driven past there many times but never stopped. I had shrimp alfredo and a yummy chocolate "tuxedo" cheesecake for dessert. I'd say it's worth going back again.

That's it for now.

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