Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm home

One-handed typing is a challenge.

Thanks to all who have sent prayers and good wishes. Forgive me if I don't write to you all individually. This blog entry will take long enough to complete.

I left the hospital Friday and spent the weekend with David. I'm sure he's happy to have dropped me at my place this afternoon.

No big surprises, really. Fever is within acceptable range according to the handout I got. I have a cooler full of ice for the Cryo-cuff and am trying a blue ice thingy in my armpit. This cryo-cuff is significantly smaller than the one I had before and my arm is very hot on the side away from the ice (i.e., armpit). Pain is manageable but I AM on vicodin. Thinking isn't tooo clear. But I don't have to think, so that's a good thing.

This is the Cryo-cuff ice bucket label. (Please forgive the shaky photos. I'm not too steady shooting one-handed. The cuff can be used on knees as well as shoulders.

This is the inside top of the bucket. I had to refill it with ice a while ago and...

...I missed.

Fortunately, I have a lot of ice. It should last till Ben arrives Wednesday evening with more. ( Ben, bring this much.)

Warning, it looks icky.....

This last photo is David's fault. I figured if he was interested in the gorey details, someone else might be as well.

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MNLacer said...

Thanks for the update! You remain in my thoughts and prayers. Betty